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  • Ed The Protestant

A Christmas I Can Touch

My first really compelling experience with Catholicism was the day Greg and I talked about Mary. You can read about it here, but I'll sum it up: I came away from that talk feeling like I absolutely HAD to get in on this. I didn't want a future as a Christian without Mary as a central part of it. It was a human connection I found myself longing for.

And now it's happened again. Over the last several months I've listened as Greg explained the Eucharist, and I've become convinced that the Catholics are right about it.'s been a bit of a stretch, a piece of information I was willing to accept as correct.

Then a week ago Greg sent me four short videos to watch, explaining how the Eucharist ties into Christmas. As I watched, it made sense to me, but it did more than make sense--it brought Christmas out of the abstract and into the here and now. It tied the Incarnation directly into my life, through the Eucharist. Jesus did not leave us at all; He's still here, present every time we partake.

This is a Christmas I can touch and partake of in a real, physical sense. I've always been moved by the Christmas story, always believed it and known it's significance, but it's also felt somehow remote and removed from my real life.

Just like the revelation of who Mary is, this too has compelled me, made me want to partake, made me see how rich my salvation is. Once again, even more, I want in.

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